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They always say you can take the girl out of the country but you can't take the country out of the girl. That's me,and now that I am back in the country I couldn't be happier! Thanks to God, we were able to move on to a 40 acre farm. Life on the farm is busy and we are always learning something new. My husband, Brett is the worlds best handyman. He was raised in town but I think that deep down he has always been a country boy. Together we are learning to raise cattle,chickens, and are even venturing into raising goats.We enjoy gardening and we are learning square foot gardening with the help of our mothers. We are striving towards self-sufficient living and hope to be there soon. Along with a passion for the outdoors and animals I also have a passion for photography. I have owned my photography business for about 13 years now. Nothing gives me more pleasure then to photograph a new baby or a couple getting married and beginning a new life together. I hope that you will join us as we learn new things and enjoy life on the farm.

Honey Bees

Last night we went to check on our bees and to our disbelief we found one of our hives completely overtaken by worms. We don't know if the hive had lost its' queen and the bees left or if these insects had just taken over the hive. Brett and I were sick over it. I guess this means no honey again this year :(

The other hive seems to be doing well so we gave them some sugar water to get them through this heat that is hitting Oklahoma. Any input on this would be more then welcomed; we are fairly new at bee keeping and would really like to know what we need to do. Also what can we do to keep the other hive safe? Thank you for any suggestions.

On an up note, the chickens thoroughly enjoyed their snack of worms :)

This is the hive that is doing good.


I know what your thinking...don't we have enough things to take care of on the farm? Well, about 3 years ago I once again talked Brett into getting some bees. Poor Brett, he is so great at joining me in my adventures.

The first year we couldn't harvest any honey because it was a new hive so we had to leave the honey in the hive so they could make it through the winter. Last year we didn't get to harvest any honey because of the drought. They just didn't make enough honey to harvest any.

This year we have been feeding them plus there has been plenty of flowers for them so we are hoping for the best. The other night Brett told me he was kind of worried about them because he didn't see any bees around the hives so I figured I would just take a stroll and see if I could see anything. Well as you can see, the first photo I took I didn't see a thing. I really couldn't see anything going on so I figured I would use my flash and take a few photos up close. Well I did, and I don't think they liked it...I did find out that there are plenty of bees though. When they all started coming out since I didn't have a bee suit on I decided that was enough photos and I should leave. Hopefully this year we will have plenty of honey and I will be able to post some photos soon of a hive full of honey!

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