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They always say you can take the girl out of the country but you can't take the country out of the girl. That's me,and now that I am back in the country I couldn't be happier! Thanks to God, we were able to move on to a 40 acre farm. Life on the farm is busy and we are always learning something new. My husband, Brett is the worlds best handyman. He was raised in town but I think that deep down he has always been a country boy. Together we are learning to raise cattle,chickens, and are even venturing into raising goats.We enjoy gardening and we are learning square foot gardening with the help of our mothers. We are striving towards self-sufficient living and hope to be there soon. Along with a passion for the outdoors and animals I also have a passion for photography. I have owned my photography business for about 13 years now. Nothing gives me more pleasure then to photograph a new baby or a couple getting married and beginning a new life together. I hope that you will join us as we learn new things and enjoy life on the farm.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

I haven't updated my blog for awhile because my family and I have been on a vacation. We just returned from Oregon where we attended my sister in law, Shannon's wedding. We had a blast while we were there and Oregon has to be the most beautiful state that I have been to.

While we were there I had the privilege of watching Kevin Meyer's at work. He is an amazing photographer from Oregon. I also had some fun myself taking photos at the wedding.

After the wedding we headed for Montana to see my grandmother and brother and his family. We had fun while we were there and even got to play in the snow. After leaving Montana we headed for Yellow Stone where we got to see some bears, buffalo, and elk. Even though we all had fun it is really good to be back home.

I will be posting pictures of our vacation soon. I do have the wedding photos done so if you want to see them you can go to www.rl-photography.com You will need to contact Tammy to get the password.